Open Educational Resources (OERs) Guide:

Recommendations from the Lower Division Committee’s Subcommittee on Open Educational Resources, June – December 2019

Intended for experienced instructors, this document lists openly accessible readings endorsed by one or more instructors affiliated with the Open Educational Resources Subcommittee, an offshoot of the UH English Department’s Lower Division Committee. The resources appear by course: those for ENGL 1303, those for ENGL 1304, and those for some 2000-level English courses. Within each course, subsections further divide the resources. Please note that although some resources may appear in sections about open educational textbooks, the resources’ accompanying summaries may include activities or assignments tied to the textbooks. Also, some resources may be listed for one class (e.g., ENGL 1303) but have relevance for other classes, too (e.g., ENGL 1304). Overall, each resource is explained based on how it was used, where it was found, and who recommended it. More details may be added periodically; the guide is a living document.

Most of the resources listed are open educational resources (OERs), meaning they are freely available and provide permission for a wide variety of uses. A small handful of these resources are not “open,” but are freely available online, meaning that they have copyright restrictions. The “How to Use this Resource” sections, added by MD Anderson Library staff, explain whether there are copyright restrictions and provide recommendations for use.

For resources requiring subscription access through library databases, it is highly recommended to use UH Libraries Course Reserves. Course Reserves ensures compliance with copyright law and allows copyrighted course materials to be delivered through Blackboard.


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