12 Chapter 12: Applied exercise prescription principles

Melissa Markofski


applied exercise prescription principles

At this point in the class you have learned the FITT-PV for CRE and RT, and how to apply these guidelines to a variety of both healthy individuals and special populations. You will now be applying this knowledge in this lab and will need to recall the specifics of the FITT-PV for this lab.


Class activity

You will be designing a circuit training session, with the equipment available to you in the classroom.

Equipment: laminated suggested exercises, equipment available in the teaching room, interval timer

Participants: everyone who is healthy will participate (if an exercise needs to be modified or substituted, that can be done)

Instructions: this lab will be done as a class

  1. Decide the goal(s) of the exercise session
  2. Select exercises to match the goal(s) of the session
  3. Specify the order of the exercises
  4. Specify the work and rest intervals to match the goal(s) of the session
  5. Specify the number of rotations through the circuit to match the goal(s) of the session
  6. Set the interval timer
  7. Participation in the session you designed!


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