Melissa Markofski

This is the laboratory manual for KIN 4370, Exercise Testing and Prescription. It is for use during the weekly lab class meetings. Please read the chapter for each week ahead of attending class. The questions for each chapter are not graded, but will help prepare you for your lab report.

This book is designed to be used electronically, but can also be downloaded as a PDF. Please be aware that there are activities imbedded in the electronic text that will not work in the PDF download. However, if you would like to download the chapters (or print them) for use during class, that is acceptable. It is advisable that in order to maximize the learning experience that the student returns to the electronic version to complete the activities and material not in the PDF.

Exam questions will include questions from the lab–both the protocols and the interpretation of the results. Please remember to study the materials in this manual.


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