About this resource

Education is expensive.

Learning shouldn’t be.

We learn, we apply, and we pass on our learning to the next generation. It is a process that goes beyond the classroom and ultimately helps improve our industry and society.

I have created this resource to help everybody who wishes to learn about hospitality information technology. It covers knowledge that I’ve passionately learned over the years through courses, conferences, books, articles, research, and most importantly from my interactions with many smart people. 

It illustrates the state of the art of IT in our industry and hopefully it will encourage you to learn more as you prepare to take leadership of our industry.


I designed this resource to based on four important principles:

  1. To be free to use by anyone for as long as they wish to learn
  2. To be state-of-the-art and cover everything from the most basic technologies to the latest innovations
  3. To serve as a platform for building interactive courses that encourage learning by engagement
  4. To be available everywhere online and accessible on any device


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