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Whether you are looking for rich historical sites, cultural hubs, or modern shopping and eating, you are bound to find what you are looking for as a tourist in Hong Kong. Some of the most popular tourist attractions in Hong Kong include Victoria Peak, Tian Tan Buddha, Shek O Beach, and Temple Street Night Market.

Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak is the tallest point in the city, measuring out to 1,811 feet tall. This popular peak is available to get to by walking, bussing, or taking the historical peak-tram. There are multiple different hiking paths available depending on skill and strength. The peak-tram is 130 years old, making it the longest running tram in the world and will take you up to the top amongst the beautiful foliage and views of the hill. Up at the top of the peak, you can find the Peak Tower, a modern shopping and food mall. The peak also boasts one of the best panoramic city skyline views of Hong Kong, making it a must see attraction.

Tian Tan Buddha

The Tian Tan Buddha is the largest sitting buddha in the world and represents the spirit, culture, and success of Hong Kong, as well as the harmonious relationship between man and nature that is so valuable to the city. Tian Tan translates to “altar of heaven”  and was completed in 1993. Surrounding the Buddha is the Po Lin Monastery, as well as 6 smaller buddha statues. These statues are called the “Offerings of the Six Devas” and represent the things necessary to reach Nirvana according to Buddhism. These statues are flowers representing generosity, a lamp representing patience, incense representing morality, ointment representing zeal, fruit representing meditation, and music representing wisdom.

Shek O Beach

Shek O Beach is just one of Hong Kong’s beautiful beaches. While one may not think of the bustling city as a great relaxing getaway, the geography makeup of Hong Kong has over 100 beaches and 260 outlying islands, boasting many beautiful coastline beaches. One of the most popular beaches for tourists and locals is Shek O Beach, cradled between two mountains. The name translates to “Rocky Bay”. It is fairly easy to access from the city. Next to the coastline is a quaint little village where one can eat local food, shop, and explore before or after spending the day at the beach.

Temple Street Night Market

Temple Street Night Market is a must visit when exploring Hong Kong. This bustling, vibrant, and diverse night market offers a unique experience for everyone. This street lays between two temple complexes, and was originally used to serve food to temple goers. Now, you can find a variety of cheap clothes, food, and souvenirs from vendors lining the street. Some of the most popular dishes you can find at the Temple Street Night Market are Chili crab, steamed fish, deep fried squid, skewers, and bubble egg waffles. Not only can you purchase these goods, but one can also find fortune tellers and Cantonese opera singers performing for market visitors along the street which provide a unique and interesting experience.

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