The editors gratefully acknowledge the contributions and assistance provided by a number of individuals, without whom this volume would not have been possible. Dr. Jeffrey Quilter, Director, Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology and Senior Lecturer at Harvard University provided invaluable insight and suggestions in his intensive review of each essay. Dr. Jeanette Nicewinter of Northern Virginia Community College provided thorough editorial reviews of the essays. The University of Houston Libraries, including Ariana Santiago, Open Educational Resources Coordinator, Taylor Davis-Van Atta, Director of Digital Research Commons, and Athena Jackson, Dean of University Libraries and Elizabeth Rockwell Chair, were graciously patient, engaged, and constantly available for inexhaustible assistance with the digital formatting, uploading, and publication of the final document, and navigation of the Pressbooks publication website. We of course extend our thanks and gratitude to the individual authors for their essays. As noted in the Introduction, many of the essays began as paper presentations originally intended for a professional conference session scheduled in 2020, but cancelled by the COVID pandemic, so in some sense these authors performed “double duty” in the preparation and revision of their original drafts for e-publication. And, we are especially grateful to Dagmar Grieder for her generous support of the project. Dagmar was a dedicated companion and supporter of Terence Grieder in all of his professional accomplishments.