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Wang He Di also known as Dylan Wang age 24 born on December 20, 1998. In the Province of Sichuan, China. Information about Dylan Wang’s childhood is unknown. The only information presented to the public is that he played Basketball in High School since it is his favorite sport. Before his acting career, He went to Sichuan Southwest College of Civil Aviation, he was studying to be a flight attendant. As well, he was a poster model for his college. This event is what started his career in the entertainment industry.

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In 2016, he joined a competition called Sichuan Campus Red Festival sponsored by his and other universities. He won and that is how he joined the entertainment industry. In 2017, he went to a variety show called Super Idol, where he also won the competition. Which later, got him the offer of his first acting job as Daoming Si, in the show Meteor Garden. In 2018, the drama “Meteor Garden” was released. The show succeeded, which was not expected. It was so successful that it went International. Though his acting skills were not top tier, it really captivated the people with how he acted as the character Daoming si. He gave the character a domineering Bad-boy look which was necessary for the part and the audience liked it. The show did receive criticism however it was not heavy on Dylan Wang’s Acting. However, some people criticize Dylan’s acting needed to improve his acting skills in general. Even so, this show was a hit which led him to many more Acting opportunities.

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After Meteor Garden, he was cast in 3 more dramas, which did not receive much popularity. The shows are, Ever Night: War of Brilliant Splendours season 2, The Rational Life, and Miss the Dragon. In the show; Ever Night: War of Brilliant Splendours season 2 Dylan Wang had to replace the main actor from the previous season. While fans were not happy with the changing of the actors. People did appreciate Dylan’s acting and how he portrayed the Character Ning Que with a more energetic and romantic portrayal of the character. In the show, The Rational Life Dylan acted as the character Qi Xiao an assistant in love with his boss The main protagonist Shen Ruo Xin. Though the actress that played Shen Ruo Xin was afraid that Dylan would not be able to act the part of Qi Xiao because of the age difference between them. To her surprise, he succeeded in playing the part of Qi Xiao and the audience liked how both portrayed the characters. In the drama Miss the Dragon Dylan acted as Yuchi Longyan. Dylan did receive a lot of criticism on how he played the character. However, he rose back to fame in 2022 when the show Love Between Fairy and Devil was released he was the main character in the show. Additionally, the show gained 10,000 views on iQiyi’s station 14 days (about 2 weeks) after its launch, which became the fourth iQIYI drama with 10,000 views on the program station. Dylan’s character was Dongfang Qingcang an anti-hero who fell in love with a fairy. Critics say that his acting has improved since Miss the Dragon, and they could see the chemistry between him, and the fairy played by Esther Yu.

Taken by dylan_wang_1220
Taken by dylan_wang_1220


A few weeks later, the Show Unchained Love was released. Which also gained a lot of popularity. Dylan acted as the character Xiao Duo who fakes being a eunuch. Then, after the show was finished, in 2023 he was cast in another show called Never give up, Dylan Wang plays the character Bai Ma Shuai. However, what is different about this character is that Bai Ma Shuai is not a domineering character but instead a corky funny character. Critics approve of his acting of the character Bai ma Shuai. Nevertheless, Dylan Wang is remarkable ever since 2016 he kept rising to fame. What makes Dylan Wang Important in Chinese society is how he became a celebrity from nothing. It demonstrates to people that anything is possible. Also, what makes Dylan Wang so popular is his bad-boy good looks, and his exceptionally good domineering acting skills that people love. Additionally, he can change his bad-boy image to a pure and innocent person with his corky personality, which people also love, and find very adorable. 


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