41 National Trend – 国朝 (guó cháo)


simplified Chinese: 国潮; pinyin: guó cháo

National Trend

Guochao, 国朝, guó cháo, means “national trend”. This fashion movement rose to prominence in 2018 by Li Ning who combined Chinese modernity with Chinese traditional wear. The brand knew Nike and Adidas had taken over, but they took a great leap of faith and took on a Taoism inspired look.


Guochao really saw its wave during the pandemic, the year of 2020, a year many saw a surge in national pride. This was because there was a growing uncertainty in Chinese ties with the rest of the world. The international tension was perfect fertile grounds in pushing nationalism which is the budding grounds of the guochao fashion movement. The Chinese Cultural Consumers are a group of individuals, mostly millennials and generation z Chinese, that are very tech savvy and very patriotic. They have been very big consumers and advocates and a main reason guochao has seen such a high wave in its trend. They are influenced by the Cultural Opinion Leaders who are pioneers of culture in China. These individuals do not copy western ideas, they invent their own. They want Chinese business to thrive. And this is another group that has been behind guochao seeing such a high surge in participation. Many different brands have been inspired by the guochao brand and have collaborated with important Chinese institutions to win over groups like the Chinese Cultural Consumers. Guochao has become so trendy in China, it is threatening luxury brands dominance in China. Young Chinese individuals are no longer seeking western luxury brands. They are now only wanting guochao brand items. They have grown a sophisticated taste that only wants their labels to say “designed in China” or “created in China” which has become  popular labels since the guochao trend.

Dior embraced the Guochao trend by combining traditional Chinese culture with modern style in its 2021 fall menswear collection. Image: Dior. https://jingdaily.com/why-guochao-is-so-important-to-chinas-cultural-consumers/

Brands are not solely guochao because they are Chinese. Brands are guochao because they are traditional Chinese with a modern twist. And because of this, we are seeing western companies go to China and try to pick up on the guochao trend as well. This image is of Dove Chocolate trying to imitate the guochao trend.

Dove chocolate’s 2020 Lunar New Year collaboration with The Forbidden City. https://focus.cbbc.org/are-gen-z-chinese-consumers-getting-tired-of-the-guochao-trend/amp/


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