19 Honor of Kings – 霍克 (Huò kè)


simplified Chinese: 霍克; pinyin: Huò kè

Honor of Kings

A multiplayer online battle arena video game called Honor of Kings (霍克), often referred to as Arena of Valor, was created by Chinese gaming developer Tencent Games. In November 2015, the game was originally made available in China. Later, it was made available in Southeast Asia, Taiwan, and Europe. With millions of players and a significant esports community, Honor of Kings is a very enjoyable game in China. The game’s fascinating gameplay, excellent visuals, and incorporation of figures from Chinese mythology and history all contribute to its appeal. Players may select from a variety of heroes in the game, each with their own special skills, and engage in team combat with other players. Despite the game’s popularity, there has been some controversy. Concerns have been raised concerning Honor of Kings’ effect on young players as a result of the game’s criticism for its addictive gameplay. Tencent Games restricted the amount of time users may spend playing the game each day in response to these worries. Honor of Kings is still a tremendously popular game with millions of players worldwide despite these concerns. Due to the game’s popularity, a mobile version was also created and published in 2017.

Since then, it has grown to become one of the top-grossing mobile games worldwide. Since its launch in 2015, the game has had a huge influence on the Chinese gaming industry, culture, and society. Honor of Kings’ contribution to the promotion of Chinese history and culture is among its most prominent effects. Younger generations of players have developed a greater interest in and respect for Chinese culture as a result of the game’s inclusion of characters and locations from Chinese mythology and history. The game has also contributed to the growth of esports in China, where tournaments draw sizable crowds and prize money. Honor of Kings has significantly impacted the Chinese economy, despite the controversy it being too addicting. The game’s creator, Tencent Games, is among the biggest businesses in China, and the game has been a significant source of income for the business. The game also gave rise to a variety of products, including as apparel, toys, and accessories, which served to expand the Chinese gaming market. Honor of Kings has significantly influenced China, advancing Chinese culture, increasing esports fandom, and helping the Chinese economy. Despite controversy surrounding its addictive gameplay, the game is nevertheless very popular in China and has a significant impact on both the gaming business there and on Chinese culture at large.


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“Honor of Kings”

By Level Infinite

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