3 Bai Lu – 白鹿 (Bái lù)

Maria Gutierrez

simplified Chinese: 白鹿; pinyin: Bái lù

Bai Lu

Bai Meng Yan, also known by her stage name Bai Lu was born on September 23, 1994, in Changzhou Jiangsu, China. Bai Lu attended Changzhou Higher Vocational Technical Institute of Tourism and Commerce where she completed two-degree programs, her junior high school degree as well as the Foreign Language degree.

After graduating in 2015, she decided to pursue both a modeling and acting career. She started modeling mainly focusing only on graphic advertisement opportunities. During that same year she started her acting debut by shooting a short film called Meeting you is such a Good Thing produced by Cat’s tree Studio.

In July 2016, she signed a contract with Yu Zheng’s entertainment company, Huanyu Film. Where she also played the leading role in artist Rover Lu’s music video “Liu Yan: Message.” From there she kept on progressing in her acting eventually landing a role in the Tv series Zhaoge as the supportive character Deng Chan Yu.

Her breakthrough in acting did not take place until 2018 when she starred in the historical romance drama called Untouchable Lovers, where she was given the opportunity to portray two distinctly different characters. One character was General Huo Xian while the other was Le Yun, a ruthless and scheming concubine to the prince. For her performance in this drama, she was awarded the Best Newcomer Award.

Bai Lu has continued to act mainly in romance dramas alongside well-known male actors like Song Wei Long in Untouchable Lovers and Luo Yun Xi in the dramas Love is Sweet and Till the End of the Moon. It’s no question that Bai Lu has a talent for acting but she is also a talented singer, she sang the theme song called “Subordinate Take Over” for the comedy romance drama King is Not Easy, where she was also the character Dan Xi.

Bai Lu has received global recognition as well as numerous awards for her talent. In October she has both been nominated and won an award for the category, Best Actress (Web series) in the Actors of China Award Ceremony. As any know actor Bai Lu has received global recognition not only from fans but also from international brands that want to show their appreciation to her. She has become an ambassador for many global brands such as Michael Kors, jewelry wristwatch collection and even an ambassador for Italian shoe designer Sergio Rossi.


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