22 Hanfu – 汉服(Hànfú)

Hanfu History

Marissa Hernandez

simplified Chinese: 汉服; pinyin: Hànfú


Hanfu- Ancient Chinese silk and embroidered clothing worn by Han Chinese before the Qing Dynasty

Example of a Traditional Hanfu dress. Hanfu dresses have a sheer flow and are made in warm and cool tones but mostly worn in cool tones.

Question: How old are Hanfu Dresses?

Answer: Hanfu dresses have a rich history of more than 5,000 years old.

Fun facts:

The ancient Chinese clothing has influences countries like Japan, North Korea, South Korean, and even Vietnam.

Sketch of the Tradition Korean Hanbok dresses that were inspired from the Hanfu. Image provide by the Asia Society in Houston, Texas

Fun Fact #2

In current time, Chinese civilians gather together to show off their traditional Hanfu in the lively streets of China. Film makers join in to record all the influencers and models in their look.

Below is are images of a Hanfu Festival that highlights Hanfu street fashion, this is a yearly event.

However this yearly event does not prevent from civilians showing their new or best traditional fits.

Have you heard of cultural Appropriation? What are your thoughts on it?

Whatever you choose to answer, in late July of 2022, luxury brand Dior was accused of Culture appropriating a silk horse face skirt from the late Qing dynasty.

Attached below are the images of Dior’s runway skirt compared to a traditional skirt from the Qing Dynasty

Dior’s pleated black skirt was removed from sales, and taken down from the website immediately after it stirred conversations of Culture Appropriation.

In today’s world Chinese fashion designers are taking this opportunity to modernize the Hanfu clothing. Content creator Shiyin is mixing her traditional fashion with modern hairstyles. In this current time, women usually style their hair into ponytails or a straight sleek back look. Back then when Hanfu dresses were worn, women’s hair would be styled in an updo with embellished hair clips and beadings surrounding their hair.

Question: Are Hanfu dresses worn to any significant events?

Answer: Hanfu dresses are currently being worn to weddings, white Hanfu embroidered dresses are being made yearly so couples can celebrate their love in a traditional manner. However, there are many more traditional Chinese dresses a woman can wear, it all depends on the preference and beliefs.

Hanfu being word today in China is miracle. Hanfu in this century was outlawed, the Government stated they ” wanted to break from the past and move towards a modern nation”

History and Tradition is important. Hanfu is important, it is more than a piece of embroidered fabric.


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