46 Till the End of the Moon – 长月烬明 (Chángyuè Jìn Míng)

Maria Gutierrez

simplified Chinese: 长月烬明; pinyin: Chángyuè Jìn Míng

Till The End Of The Moon

Till The End of The Moon (长月烬明), is a drama based on the fictional genre Wuxia (武侠) starring Luo Yun Xi and Bai Lu as well as other actors.  

The term is derived from two compounds: Wú (武), which translates to either martial or military and the other term is xiá (侠), which translates to chivalrous, and heroic. The typical setting for this type of genre can usually take place during modern or future periods that mimic the culture of Imperial China.

A main factor of Wuxia films and literature is that it centers around the idea of cultivation, in which the protagonist needs to protect their world from “evil” by training in swordsmanship and often times supernatural abilities. The act of cultivation does borrow practices of monk culture for example, in the drama Till the End of The Moon one of the protagonists Cang Jiumin can be seen meditating and working on practices to strengthen his integrity and skills. 

The drama follows the life of antagonist Taitai Jin, who is fated to become the Devil God, the embodiment of all karma and his connection to protagonist Li Susu, an immortal of the Xiaoyao sector who is destined to stop him from destroying the world. However, Li Susu gets sent back 500 years in the past and reincarnates as Ye Xiwu, the wife of Taitai Jin. But during that time period Taitai Jin is just a regular mortal who struggles throughout his life because of his isolated and quiet personality but what he lacks in understanding until further in the drama is that he currently possesses an evil bone in his body that needs to be activated so he can become the Devil God. Unaware to both Taitai Jin and Ye Xiwu they start to grow closer together and eventually fall in love which causes turmoil for Li Susu since she still has to follow her destiny of defeating her husband, saving the world and her sector.

Throughout the film, we are also introduced to other reincarnations of both Taitai Jin and Li Susu whose choices affected their future to how it’s currently destined to finish. The following information will feature all reincarnations that both Luo Yun Xi and Bai Lu played in the drama.

Luo Yun Xi Characters: 

  • The Original Devil God, who is the embodiment of all karma destined to bring death and destruction to the world.
  • Taitai Jin, a noble prince taken hostage by Ye Xiwu’s family and hated by everyone there for his personality.
  • Ming Ye, a powerful God of War that was destined to protect what was previously the Upper Immortal Realm but is now Mount Buzhao where the Xiaoyao sector is located.
  • Cang Jiumin, a disciple of Zhaoyou the leader of the Xiaoyao sector who also happens to have all of Taitai Jin’s memories.

Bai Lu Characters:

Li Susu, the adopted daughter of Zhaoyao and is the destined God of time, the last God that is suppose to fight the Devil God.

Ye Xiwu, the wife of Taitai Jin that used to treat him with cruelty before Li Susu took over her body.

Sangjiu, is Li Susu as she enters a dream that is destined to tell the past event before the rise of the Devil God. She is clam princess that is married to Ming Ye.


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