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Dimash Kudaibergen

Dimash Kudaibergen is a singer from Kazakhstan, but has gained notable fame in China. Dimash began interacting with music from a young age, beginning with piano and later vocal lessons at a local music college. He sang on stage for the first time at age 5, followed by a piano competition he won at age 6. After graduating from music school and learning several instruments, Dimash began entering major music competitions and won them. His victories earned him national recognition in Kazakhstan and began being invited to sing at several important and honorable events in the country. Not long after, Dimash began grabbing the attention of international audiences. He traveled to several European and Asian countries to perform and compete in competitions. Dimash easily stood out due to his extensive vocal range and control over his voice.

In 2017, Dimash participated in episode 1 of the Chinese singing competition known as Singer and won. His win was the stepping stone to his fame in China. Dimash’s name was spread and recognized throughout social media and he continued to compete in the show, often winning or falling within the top 3. During his performances, Dimash would sing songs in several languages, including Mandarin Chinese. He ended his run on Singer as the runner-up, but his impact in China continued to rise. Dimash was invited to perform at many events in China and also toured in various cities throughout the country. Dimash’s social media following in China also proves his popularity with over 8 million followers on Weibo, a popular social media app used in China.

Dimash Kudaibergen’s fame in China has opened the door for many Chinese people, and the global audience, to be more aware about Central Asia and its culture. Following his success on Singer, Hunan TV, the station Singer was broadcasted from, and the Chinese media credited Dimash with bridging the cultures of China and Kazakhstan. Dimash’s fame has given young audiences the opportunity to learn about the cultures of Kazakhstan and China, cultures they were unfamiliar to before. Dimash himself has been able to learn about Chinese culture and has even taken the time to learn Mandarin and sing songs in Mandarin for his Chinese audience. Through his music and genuine interest in sharing his culture around the world, his fans continue to support him and show their respect for his artistry. Dimash’s Chinese fans even refer to him as their “adopted brother from Kazakhstan” and continue to embrace the singer from the neighboring country. Dimash Kudaibergen’s success in China is interesting since he is not native or from a Mandarin speaking area. The culture he grew up in and is more knowledgeable about is very different from that of Chinese culture, so his fame is unique and refreshing.



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