20 Genshin Impact – 原神 (Yuánshén)

Myla Valmont

simplified Chinese: 原神; pinyin: Yuánshén

Genshin Impact

The musical genius behind many Genshin Impact songs
The musical genius behind many Genshin Impact songs

Genshin Impact is a Gacha based, Open-world RPG, developed and published by the Chinese game development studio miHoYo. The reason why Genshin Impact is important to Chinese popculture is because while it is a game played internationally many of the details involve a lot of Chinese culture. From 2019-September 2023 composer and music producer Yu-Peng Chen (陈宇鹏), also known as Chen Zhiyi (陈致逸) has worked on the soundtracks in the game.[1]


The music is a very important part of the game. It indicates what location you’re in and is meant to match the culture that influences said location. For example, Liyue has traditional Chinese architecture, geography, aesthetics and activities. Asian mythology also is a large aspect seen in Liyue. There are exorcists who have to balance their Yin and Yang energy, there are Adepti (also known as Xian), and there are Yaksha among other things.[2]


YunJin a character that personifies a beautiful aspect of Chinese Culture. She’s a Liyue Opera singer and she has a scene where she performs. In this scene she is voiced by traditional Beijing opera singer Yang Yang.[3] I recommend everyone to listen to this piece. It’s distinctly different from other forms of music heard throughout the game and it has such a culture significance to it. You can hear the traditional instruments and can see the influence of Chinese opera with her clothes, makeup and hairpiece. Every January around Chinese New Year there is a Lantern Rite to celebrate where there are traditional activities like creating Xiao Lanterns, partake in a paper theater show and light fireworks.

Top Grossing Gacha-Based Mobile Games Worldwide in Q1 2022

Genshin Impact has surpassed $3 billion in global lifetime player spending across the App Store and Google Play since its official launch on September 28, 2020.[4] This success has had economic implications, contributing to the revenue and market share of the Chinese gaming industry. The game’s financial success has demonstrated the potential for Chinese game developers to create globally competitive products. That have a big effect on gaming domestically and Internationally. As seen with their other games like HSR and Honkai Impact, that have also garners a lot of popularity. The game has also created  a vibrant online community, including fan art, fan fiction, and discussions. This has contributed to the growth of online fan culture in China, with fans engaging in various creative activities related to the game. An example of such is the annual concerts that are performed by the Orchestra that produces for Genshin.

Overall, Genshin Impact depicts a global culture exchange. It allows audiences from around the world to experience Chinese storytelling, art styles, and cultural references. While also including other culture from Europe and the Middle East.

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