15 Dopamine Outfit – 多巴胺穿搭 (Duōbā’àn chuān dā)

Dani Omana

simplified Chinese: 多巴胺穿搭 ; pinyin: Duōbā’àn chuān dā

Dopamine Outfit

Fashion trends are something that has been popular with youths throughout the ages in Western and Eastern pop cultures. As such, Dopamine Dressing or 多巴胺穿搭 (Duōbā’àn chuān dā) has taken Chinese youths by storm. This trend is not only about the aesthetic of the clothing, but also about what the clothes represent and how they make you feel. This is where the “Dopamine” in the slang comes from, the idea being that the colors one wears can have a direct impact on their mood, triggering the release of dopamine, the “feel-good” neurotransmitter. The trend is marked by vibrant, fun colors that evoke feelings of optimism and positivity in the wearer. This form of self-expression is becoming increasingly popular in recent years.

Many influencers have been participating in this clothing trend on popular Chinese social media apps such as Douyin and Weibo, such as popular fashion blogger “Daytime Bear”, a young woman who has more than 4 million combined followers on her various social media platforms. Other influencers and celebrities like her showcase their vibrant outfits, inspiring followers to experiment with colors and break away from traditional fashion norms.  “Dopamine Dressing” has become so popular, that even large clothing brands have taken it upon themselves to begin directly catering to fans of this style of dress. Fashion brands such as Shein have their very own “Dopamine Dressing” categories and have even sent clothes out for these large fashion bloggers to review.  Not only this, but many men and older adults are also participating in the fashion trend, with many of these influencers posting guides advising people on how they can too participate in the “Dopamine Dressing” trend. The trend has not only influenced casual wear but has also made its way into professional settings, challenging the conventional notion of formal attire. Followers of the trend have commented that they feel as if they can express themselves freely through these outfits, citing that through these fun and lively outfits, they can balance out the rigid expectations set upon them by Chinese society as a whole.

“Dopamine Dressing” is much more than just a trend to many people in China, it is a cultural movement that promotes taking charge of your own well-being and happiness. As trends like these continue to evolve, they represent the dynamic and ever-changing nature of not only Chinese fashion but also the attitudes that Chinese society have towards themselves.


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