31 Leo Luo – 罗云熙 (Luōyúnxī)

Maria Gutierrez

simplified Chinese: 罗云熙; pinyin: Luōyúnxī

Leo Luo

An image showing the profile of Actor Luo Yun Xi.

Luo Yun Xi is a talented actor from Chengdu, China born on July 28, 1988. After graduating from Shanghai Theatre Academy with a major in Ballet he got a small job as a dance instructor for Macau Conservatory. Where he also performed as one of the leading dancers in the contemporary ballet “Flying to the moon.”

Before the start of his acting debut in 2012 as the main character Guo Yang in the romance movie, The Spring of My Life. Luo Yunxi decided to pursue a singing career on December 27, 2010, when he debuted as a member of the boy band JBOY3 with his single “Promise of Love” unfortunately the band decide to disband in 2012 to pursue individual projects and careers only able to release three singles. That same year on April 27, 2012, Luo Yun Xi got the opportunity to try one final time when he and Fu Longfei, who was also a previous member of JBOY3 debuted in a two-member band known as Double JL in which they released a single called “JL.” But they too disbanded in 2013, and from there Luo Yunxi would move into what is now his most famous career path acting.

As mentioned before Luo Yun Xi started his acting debut in the romance movie, The Spring of My Life as Guo Yang, a young student that is interested in playing guitar who falls in love with a former classmate Yang Fangfang, who is played by Tan Songyun. But it wasn’t until he starred in the wuxia romance drama Ashes of Love as the supportive character Runyu, a night deity which earned him global recognition.

Since he received global recognition for his performance and skill in the drama “Ashes of Love” Luo Yun Xi has continued to progress in his acting in which he is able to convey the characters inner turmoil with nothing more than the emotions he conveys. Luo Yun Xi has taken more leading roles in dramas, one particular drama that was released this year is called Till the End of the Moon in which he portrayed three different characters and created the opening Ost titled “Black Moonlight.”

Apart from acting, singing, and dancing Luo Yun Xi has demonstrated an interest in maintaining ecological benefits for China. In September, he became an ambassador for the Belt and Road initiative in which he strongly advocates for the plantation of more Populus trees. Another project he contributed in to help his community was on July 27 in which he joined the China Green Foundation to launch the project called “One Belt One Road,” in the hope of restoring ecological and public welfare for China.

By January 2020, Luo Yun Xi was becoming more recognized and famous that he went on to win two different awards. One award was the Influential Actor award being held in the 1st People’s Daily Digital Communication and Fusion Screen Ceremony and the other was the Heartthrob Actor award at the China Literature Awards Ceremony.


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