12 Chinoiserie

Chinoiserie taking over the World

Marissa Hernandez


A motif or style of art reflecting scenic nature. This style has now been incorporated into wallpaper textiles, Jewelry, handbags, and fine china dinnerware.

Chinoiserie derives from the French term ‘chinois’.

Far eastern elements in Chinoiserie include pagodas, dragons, flowers, and exotic birds.


Examples of Chinoiserie

Black and white Wallpaper sample. Motif pattern of a Pagoda featuring roses, a boat on a river in the background, and coastal birds on vegetation. (left)


A Vienna porcelain jug imitates lacquer. (bottom)

Chinoiserie originated during the European Rococo period. Currently, there is a high demand in Chinoiserie paintings on antique websites such as 1stDibs that sells high end antiques. They can retail up to 30k per painting.

We can’t rewrite history but we can enhance our history for the culture of Chinoiserie.

Fun facts:

In Newport, Rhode Island a house in 1937 was discovered with painted Chinoiserie murals into an American Traditional Colonial home.

Chinoiserie paintings have now been conducted on oyster shells, pumpkins, and even pearls.

Chinoiserie is an ancient technique, and in today’s world artist are giving it a contemporary test. Simply honoring the past, and with painting these artist try to bring new stories into a painting.

Example of a modern Chinoiserie painting for sale at a boutique. Retails for $440 at Saatchi Art.com


Great Britain has incorporated and taken over the European design. Britain’s regal designs are extensively designed from China’s historical past. The British royals have regal rooms featuring bamboo beds with Chinoiserie wallpaper in the background. Below is an example of a Royal Bedroom

China discovered these concepts of exotic art and design during these imperial periods. This design is making a global impact to the retail world, our architecture, to the plate we eat from. If the Rococo era would never happen how would our artistic life look like in this day?

Chinoiserie is timeless.


How has Chinoiserie impacted Social Media?

There is a new term called ‘ Grandmillennial Style’ which means young people incorporating objects that are timeless or nostalgic. If you see every Grandmillennial style their homes are filled with Chinoiserie Vases, plates, and paintings. Chinoiserie has taken over!

Want to try something fun?

I want you to go to Instagram and type Hashtag Grand Millennial Decor (#GrandmillenialDecor) and see if you can spot any elements of Chinoiserie design around their rooms or posts.

Chinoiserie is simply taking over the world, and the only thing we can do is be thankful for the past, and try to preserve any historical elements of Chinoiserie that are impacting the world today.




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