Please note that all of the files below should be used in conjunction with the textbook chapter narratives and contexts. All data files have corresponding information, steps, screenshots, tips, and more in the chapters they are embedded in. Each data file has its sources noted in either the textbook narrative or the file itself.

Data Files
1. Fundamental Skills
Chapter 1 Practice

2. Formulas, Functions, Cell References
Chapter 2 Data file: Personal Budget

3. More on Formulas, Logical and Lookup Functions
Chapter 3 Data file
Chapter 3 Practice

4. Presenting Data with Charts
Chapter 4 Data file
Chapter 4 Practice: Crude Oil Imports

5. Excel Tables
Chapter 5 Data file: Weather Data
Chapter 5 Practice 1: YouTube Data
Chapter 5 Practice 2: Tourism Data
Chapter 5 Practice 3: Airfare Data
Chapter 5 Practice 4: Audible Data
6. PivotTables & PivotCharts
Chapter 6 Data file: U.S. Dept. of Education
Chapter 6.1: CollegeScoreCard Data
Chapter 6.1: CollegeScoreCard Data Dictionary
Chapter 6.5.A: Practice 1: EIA Imports Data
Chapter 6.5.A: Practice 1: EIA Data Dictionary
Chapter 6.5.B: Practice 2: CFBP Complaint Data
Chapter 6.5.C: Practice 3:CMS Healthcare Data
Chapter 6.5.D: Practice 4: Taxpayer Returns Data Analysis
Chapter 6.5: Fashion Data Practice
7. Multiple Sheet Files
Chapter 7 Data file: Budgeting
Chapter 7 Practice: Sports Data

8. Advanced Logic & Conditional Functions
Chapter 8 Data file: U.S. Dept. of Education, Revisited

Chapter 8: CollegeScoreCard Data, Revisited
Chapter 8 Practice: U.S. Dept. of Transportation

9. Functions for Personal Finance
Chapter 2 Data file: Personal Budget, Revisited
Chapter 9 Practice: Lawn Care Business Data

10. Integrating Microsoft Office Suite Applications
Chapter 10 Data file: Miscellaneous Data





Additional data sets:


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